Most people thinks that beauty of person is its physical apperance , it’s looks ,color size ,weight etc.

They just look person from outside.

Only physical apperance is beauty for them.

When it comes to me I only judge person from inside bcz for me beauty is not facial consideration it is light in the heart.

True beauty is always reflected in person soul .In his action in his thoughts his pesonality and much .

Mirror is the worst judge of someone beauty.

True beauty should be never fading with time it just keep on rising.

But if not how can we call it a true beauty ?

Then what is beauty in true sense?

God definition of beauty stands in starks contrast the to the way our cultures defines beauty.

God defines beauty what we are like on the inside.God tells us to pursue an inner beauty of great worth.

A beauty in a true sense is only that soul that enlighten others life makes others life glorious and be there to help others.

Beauty always lies in the action that is being performed by individual.

That’s why sri krishna says in gita that -WORK/ACTION IS WORSHIP

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