Being imperfect!

Being imperfect !Isn’t it really sounding too odd?

But yeah I am imperfect! Simply imperfeact.

What actually imperfection really is?What meaning does it hold in itself .Imperfection means a stage at which you need to learn more ,imbibe more ,takes maximum input from your surrounding to convert it into desired output.

It is simly a stage of getting and getting .

Perfection means end of this beautiful cycle. It is a stage of inertia . A stage of complete stopage of this beautiful enlighting stages.

This are the imperfection what makes life really beautiful. All those imperfection around visible makes life sustainable more dynamic.

Imperfection in nature river drawn toward sea to attain equillibrium.

Water cycle happening in to attain balance .

These struggle these pains ,those sorrow those suffering are actually making world a beautiful places to live in.

There is no such thing like a perfectionism .

Only suffering and endeavour add beauty in life.They actually gives meaning to some value .

Imperfection gives scope for creation scope for invention and a change that can actually be revoltuionary in itself .

Imperfection is actually mother of invention that proven to be a stimulus towards powerful researches happened in history of human civilization that leads to creation of powerful and spectcular gadgets which we are practising today.

So don’t get afraid if you are imperfect rather embrace yourself use this powerful oppurtunity to be a change.


U are my world ,my everything… Without u I am just nothing……

When I was just a newborn ,can’t just able to utter,

That touch of your affectionate hand make’s me feel better……

I remember that incident of my childhood,

When you gave me warmly hug for the first time I stood…..

I remember that u scold me for not taking my meals properly,

Because I know that u love me very dearly……

Whether it is moment of pride,joy or fear,

No matter what, u were always there,

When I was in trouble or in any situation,

By looking my face u understand every thing no need to mention….

In every moment of my life u are there,Whether it is happiness, sorrow or fear…..

Describing ur sacrifices for me through this poem is just impossible,

Mum maa U are the only one which is truely very special….



God does really exist ?Or who is god?If yes, than what was his role?How does he look like?

We all have this type of questions or doubts in our mind.Because we all have always heard from our childhood of some unknown word that is god.Sometimes we often warned by our parents that don’t do this otherwise god will punish you.

Well, apart from joke come to the point.Different religion has different opinions.

From my personal opinion there is no doubt in God existince .




Qualities of god-

1-He eternal.

2-Supreame authority .And incoroporeal.

3-The ocean of love ,bilss and purity.

4-The supreame authority.Or we can say that father of all creatures and soul.

5-The supreame soul.

6-He always peaceful joyful and sweet.

These are some qualities of God which I have mentioned.

Apart from He is my best frnd .One who is always closer to my heart.

To whom I can share all my problems my sorrows my liking ,disliking and what not?

I don’t have knowledge of gita ,bible or kuran and any other spritiual book.But still I feel company of him.His grace his blessing are always with me.Beacause I know only one thing that is that is love .Pure and unconditional love with him.

Believe me god is not someone from and sitting hours in doing pooja and those formalities.He is just simple .

Just only needs love and trust .He is just ours .I wish I could define those divine experinces in words but I can’t.

But i can say a simple thing connect with him make him yours anything ur frnd ,father ,teacher ow whatever relation u wan’t to make and feel his company.

May all of you have a good life.

Keep spreading love and hapiness.

I wish I could fly

# Flight of innovation

When I saw the blue radiant sky,

I wish I could fly……

By unleashing wings of my imagination,

I want something, that is my own creation………..

As I started flying,a sudden gust of wind came,

It striked me down ,on the sand,

It left me heartbroken and ashamed,

What if I again fell off?

This thought continously making me shy,

Despite of this failure I would definitely try…..

One day I will touch glories of sky,

Before I die……………


In the era of the social media we all are just connected to each other through various social media sites .

But what does divine connection actually means ?Which type of connection is actually it is ?In this blog I am actually going to share my views on divine connection.

Connection is bond that joins you with others.But divine connection is actually connecting yourself with supreame divine authority.

We can connect ourself to this supreame divine authority by meditation ,prayers and by just talking and sharing our feeling and emotions with him.

Just like a mobile need to charged in the same way soul needs the power from supreame soul to charged itself.

But joining ourself with this supreame soul we all gets divine powers . We expiernce his grace,his company,his holiness,purity , blessing and unlimited sense of joy ,joy which is beyond five sense.

That is we are in the state of ultimate bliss.

Just 5 minutes daily meditation gives us divine power that we really needs even in our daily routine work.It is like a miracle happening in one life.

Just start meditating and experience his divine blessing.

Keep spreading love and happiness.

Stay blessed.🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️


Most people thinks that beauty of person is its physical apperance , it’s looks ,color size ,weight etc.

They just look person from outside.

Only physical apperance is beauty for them.

When it comes to me I only judge person from inside bcz for me beauty is not facial consideration it is light in the heart.

True beauty is always reflected in person soul .In his action in his thoughts his pesonality and much .

Mirror is the worst judge of someone beauty.

True beauty should be never fading with time it just keep on rising.

But if not how can we call it a true beauty ?

Then what is beauty in true sense?

God definition of beauty stands in starks contrast the to the way our cultures defines beauty.

God defines beauty what we are like on the inside.God tells us to pursue an inner beauty of great worth.

A beauty in a true sense is only that soul that enlighten others life makes others life glorious and be there to help others.

Beauty always lies in the action that is being performed by individual.

That’s why sri krishna says in gita that -WORK/ACTION IS WORSHIP

Knowing the self

The title knowing the self compromises a deep meaning .This topic really holds profound and deep meaning within itself .

Quest to know that who I am really is

Is i am composed of flesh bines and blood and really made up of chemical?

The answer is a really a big no.

If i is above mentioned all this then where does free will ?

I am the soul.The form of energy.

Soul is incoropreal essence of living .

The immortal being.

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